The problem

Interruptions cause a real problem with lost time during software development. Jeff Atwood summarizes this nicely:

The solution: taking notes

We’re already using the computer to program, I figure it makes more sense to take notes on the computer (vs pen and paper). After trying to use Evernote and getting frustrated with the lack of a decent print view or formatting options, I chose MS Onenote and haven’t looked back.

Why Onenote?

Using a template to ease your workflow

Let’s face it: Note taking is tedious. Somewhere after achieving amateur note taker status, you’ll either want to give up or make life much easier for yourself somehow – because taking notes on a bug every time will begin to feel very repetitive or even worse: a waste of time.

Templates make your life easier in MS Onenote.

Before creating a template, think about:

Sample template content

My default bug fixing template has the following information in it (or if you already have Onenote, just download and unzip this sample):